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 Pressure Vacuum operation (up to 2500 mbar)
RSW - Screw Compressors
Screw compressor
Oil free screw compressor
Capacity up to 12.500 m/h

Robox screw - Screw Compressors
Compressor Unit
The low-pressure compressor unit, ROBOX screw, combines unique characteristics of the "oil-free" RSW screw compressor, with the consolidated characteristics of ROBOX compact units
Capacity up to 10.500 m/h

 in pressure (up to 1000 mbar)
Robox screw - Screw Compressors
Compressor Unit: the optimal characteristics for all waste water treatment plant requirements
The Low Pressure version combines all the unique features of the "oil free" RSW screw compressor, such as outstanding efficiency and ultra-silent operation, with the simple workings of a p.d. blower.
Capacity up to 10.500 m/h