WEBINAR : Explore how environmental factors impact the performance of blowers and discuss optimal installation practices, with a focus on Total Cost of Ownership with Tangible Examples

WHO: Nathalie Lauricella - Ingersoll Rand Environment Market Development Manager and Russell Frost, Product Manager,  

WHEN:19th APRIL 2024, at 10:00 AM (CET) 


In this online session, we will explore the benefits of correct equipment design and best practices for installation as well as the importance of a thorough maintenance regime, focusing on the following blower types: 

• Positive displacement rotary lobe blowers 

• Screw blowers 

• High-speed turbo blowers, with centrifugal compression.  

You’ll learn the importance to size the blower correctly to meet the plant demand and specific process requirements, considering: 

Minimum and maximum air pressures 

The compressed air flow (demand) required by the system 

Speed regulation.  With process demands for air fluctuating constantly a blower’s ability to increase and decrease air flow rates is vital 

Pressure drops. Shortening piping distance, ensuring smooth piping bends and replacing damaged parts can help overcome this issue 


Webinar Maximizing Blowers in Wastewater Treatment