Side Channel Blowers

The newest member of the Robuschi blower family for WWT applications


Side channel blowers are the latest product of the ever-evolving Robuschi blower family. With this new technology, the available blower options now include lobe, screw, multistage, high-speed turbo and side channel blowers.


Our portfolio is specifically designed for our Water and Wastewater Treatment customers, who can now benefit from a single and reliable supplier for all needs and applications.

WWT plant’s processes can require intermittent air demand in applications such as sand filter back washing or constant flow in secondary treatment to keep in suspension the biological sludge within the requirement flow and pressure. When the installation space is limited and low maintenance is needed, Robox Side Channel Blowers can be the alternative solution to meet customer’s requirements.

Thanks to their rugged design, these blowers are virtually maintenance free and can operate for up to 20,000 hours with practically no downtime.


Robuschi side channel blowers have a flow up to 700 m³/h and a differential pressure of up to 600 mbar.


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