Innovative and flexible vacuum blower solutions for tissue production

Robuschi has always been a leading presence in the paper industry with its range of machines: from centrifugal pumps for pulp to those for liquids (whether clean or still containing impurities), from liquid ring vacuum pumps to the ROBOX evolution low pressure “oil-free” blower units, ideal for waste water treatment plants and vacuum applications.

Paper Factory

Tailor made by MTC


MTC was founded in Porcari, near Lucca, in 1995 by a group of highly specialised technicians with lengthy experience in the production of paper transformation machinery. The company has always provided its customers with all-round care, looking after the sale, design, production, testing, logistics and installation, not to mention aftersales assistance for its machines for folded products and industrial rolls.




The widespread need for personalisation means that MTC machines and systems are all different from each other, leading to a “tailor-made” product. With over 300 modules sold worldwide, MTC plays an important role in the international scenario of manufacturers of this type of machine, offering modern, innovative solutions along with prompt, reliable service.


Robox Lobe DV blower package in vacuum

The application in details

Vacuum blowers (ROBOX evolution /V and /DV blower units) are used to keep the sheet of paper adherent with the rollers so it can be transformed. The Robuschi solution applies the vacuum via dry vacuum units that guarantee energy savings of more than 15 % compared with traditional liquid ring technology. Since  no water is needed as a service liquid, the relative treatment costs are also abolished. In addition, it offers easier maintenance and lower costs, easy installation and integration in the system, and greater flexibility to better accomodate the operating variables of the paper transformation process.

Interview with Mr. Bernacchi - Operations Manager

Where did the idea to include Robuschi products in your manufacturing process spring from? And when?

"The analysis of the production process for managing the sheets of paper led us to identify a number of suppliers who could meet our needs. MTC and Robuschi had already established a partnership in the late '90s, and this was strengthened in the following years. Thanks to this special relationship and the invaluable contribution of Robuschi, MTC was able to carry forward the development of its tissue production lines.

MTC began its collaboration with Robuschi by installing traditional blowers for vacuum generation of up to 50% on the transformation rollers, because it has always focused its attention on energy costs and reduced water consumption, unlike its main competitors who used liquid ring vacuum pumps and/or vane pumps.

The lobed suction unit enables air to be filtered and sucked out without damaging the machine, thereby simplifying the system as there is no need for water treatment; this means greatly reduced maintenance costs and highly reliable machines. In addition, the lobed blower is a volumetric machine, so it alters its capacity with the changing rotation speed and can therefore keep the level of vacuum constant as the transit section changes (sheet porosity); the result is a notable reduction in energy consumption, yet constant parameters.

Right from the start, we opted for ROBOX blower units which, when combined with the proven reliability and easy use and maintenance of the low-pulse 3-lobe blower, have brought the benefits of the other ROBOX characteristics in terms of compact size, easy installation, low sound emissions and simple, reduced maintenance. With MTC's subsequent development of paper transformation technology, the collaboration with Robuschi then extended to the air injection blowers of the DV range; these further widen the field of use to far higher vacuum levels (up to 90%).

This has allowed MTC to apply the utmost performance flexibility and operating safety when managing those variables linked with transformation (the type of paper and fold, the number of sheets, the roller operating speed, the run-stop alternation of the transformation machine). For the DV range too, Robuschi immediately made the complete Robox range package available to MTC, and also displayed its willingness to develop and apply some customised features for the standard package, to fully meet the specific needs of MTC and its users."

Does the energy saving aspect influence your choices?

"Energy savings are a categorical requirement for the future, not to mention an aspect that the customer pays special attention to. With this in mind, MTC has developed its own technology and applied it to the management of the Robuschi blowers as well, hence guaranteeing considerable energy savings for the customer. Throughout this process, the versatility of the Robuschi package has been a key factor in pursuing and attaining MTC's savings-related goals."

In your experience as plant engineers for the paper industry, which aspects are currently considered a priority when choosing one technological solution over another?

"Undoubtedly reliability along with service, high performance, system simplicity and competitive costs."