Lime and Cement

Robuschi provides rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors for several lime and cement applications, such as pneumatic conveying, lime cement fluidization, combustion air, cooling air, combusted gas recovery, fluidization, FGD and lifting.

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Combusted gas recovery

This application applies to lime kiln integrated in steel factories. Combusted gas is recovered from blast furnace chimney and conveyed to lime kiln to be used as combustion fuel.
Combustion gas are very aggressive and heavily polluted, therefore rotary lobe blowers with special seals and materials are used for this application.

Combustion air

Air is fed into the kiln / furnace for combustion process.

Cooling air

Air is fed into the kiln / furnace for cooling of fuel injection lances.


Depending on SOx compound amount and related law constrictions on the maximum SOx level allowed, combusted gas from cement oven often needs to be treated before being released. PD blowers or compressors are used to provide air to air diffusion system.


Air pumped by a blower or a compressor to fluidize cement powder inside stocking silos.


Cement bags are handled and lifted using vacuum.

Lime cement fluidization

Air feeds into cement and lime silo for fluidization process to prevent product aggregation.

Pneumatic conveying

Negative and positive pressure pneumatic conveying systems are typically used to convey solid bulk from a starting position (typically stocking silos) to another (typically buffer silos or process).  Thanks to the air flow and  the  pressure built up in the piping, solid items float and are handled to destination point where they are separated.