Robuschi thinks “inside” the box with new Robox blower. 
Get the best of both worlds: lobe and screw 

Robuschi has launched its new Robox blower package concept, a cutting-edge solution that can accommodate rotary lobe and screw technologies to provide users with greater choice than ever before in helping meet their industrial air and gas needs.

Robuschi has maintained the name Robox, which characterizes the lobe and screw blower package, but has added "evolving technologies" to distinguish this important step ahead. 

The new solution joins the premium Robox portfolio, offering users in sectors such as wastewater treatment, industrial, environmental and biogas greater flexibility and capacities.


Screw blower

With the new Robox, the difference between lobe and screw technology is reduced to just a few components. This makes it simpler than ever to change from one technology to another and embraces the ongoing shift in mindset from capital investment to total cost of ownership.

In addition, the new Robox provides a number of other key benefits. The new 3.5 size of Robox Screw delivers 22% more flow with 11% smaller footprint. Its small size also makes it ideal for environments where space is at a premium, enabling easy installation in tight areas. At the same time, the new Robox matches up flawlessly with the connection points of previous models, ensuring that replacing existing models is convenient and hassle-free.

Currently, the new Robox Lobe and Screw solution is available with a pressure range up to 1,000 mbar (g), volume flow up to 7,600 m3/hr, and motor power at 200 kW. The machine also features a new horizontal axis with a compact suction silencer, ensuring a reduced noise level, as well as easily removable panels and doors for maintenance inspections, and a new discharge silencer/support with increased thickness.

Lobe blower

This is all managed by the new Robuschi Controller, Robox Connect. With a best-in-class user interface featuring an intuitive colour touchscreen and remote connection, Robox Connect answers increasing demand for plug-and-play machines equipped with a controller device to enable users to ensure reliable operation with continuous monitoring.

The new controller is also compatible with iConn, an Industry 4.0 solution that delivers in-depth, real-time data for smart and proactive monitoring. iConn removes the need for onsite supervision, optimises maintenance and part management, and paves the way for the development of predictive models – all while maximising blower reliability and enabling users to focus on their core business.


“We’re thrilled to be launching the new Robox PD blower, an innovative solution that answers the needs of the market,” says Saverio Mattucci, Robuschi Product Manager. “With the Robox, businesses have the choice of either rotary lobe or screw blower technology from a single package. The quality, performance and flexibility of the system means there is no need to invest in a new blower in a few years’ time. Furthermore, its operational efficiencies ensure the system’s total cost of ownership is very competitive in the market. We’re now planning a roll-out of this new Robox package across all sizes of our PD blowers.”

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