Robuschi uncovers the new Robox Direct blower

Gardner Denver’s leading Robuschi brand is extending its Robox range of blowers with the uniquely designed, space-saving Robox Direct. With a footprint 33% smaller than conventional designs, the new Robox Direct is ideal for plants where space is at a premium.

The new technology joins the premium Robox portfolio, offering tailored blower solutions for an extensive range of industries, including wastewater treatment, industrial, aquaculture, environmental, biogas and mobile applications.


Robox Direct has been carefully engineered to save space wherever possible, without sacrificing any efficiency, reliability or performance. Thanks to its small footprint and compact design, the unit can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing compressor room, while also being suitable for upgrading plants if required.

Its modular design ensures that Robox Direct can be installed extremely efficiently, whether that means putting units side-by-side or stacking them on scaffold structures to really maximise available space.

The compact design of Robox Direct does not just result in a smaller footprint, however. It uses a direct-driven motor that operates without gears or belts, maximizing efficiency and regulating the flow according to the application and its demands. Regulated speed also ensures that no energy is wasted. This results in an impressive 8 per cent efficiency increase when compared with a traditional lobe belt transmission version.

Reducing the number of components also boosts the blower’s reliability and improves its ease of installation, offering enviable uptime capabilities and low servicing costs. Should any maintenance required, this part can be undertaken quickly by sliding off the enclosure panels for easy access when servicing the machine.

The unit also features an improved sound enclosure, complete with a closed base and an updated inside silencer to limit noise levels to less than 75 dB(a).

Robox Direct is available with a pressure range up to 1,000 mbar (g), volume flow up to 700m3/hr, and motor power at either 22 or 30 kW.

Romain Donzel, Blowers Product and Market Director at Gardner Denver, explains: “Our constant pursuit of excellence has led to the complete redesign of our rotary lobe blowers, resulting in Robox Direct.

“One of the most common issues faced is limited floorspace in plants, factories and other facilities, and therefore a small footprint is a key requirement for all equipment, including compressors.

“Suitable for every industry, we are proud to be able to offer premium performance with Robox Direct, in a design that takes up to a third less floorspace that conventional blowers. This will prove invaluable for customers across all industries.”