Customised Lobe, Screw, Liquid Ring Blower and Compressor Packages Designed for Your Requirements



Engineered To Order Project Solutions

Built To Your Requirements


Our application oriented approach guides us to first understand the process and then offer the best fitting scope according to our client’s demands. The result is a high performance solution.


Our Engineered to Order (ETO) team has the expertise in ETO manufacturing necessary to fully analyze specifications, application and end user requirements. This means we can consistently address the preliminary design process, procurement activities and execution of the project. This process develops in a manufacturing environment specifically created and cultivated for allowing cross functional harmony and stakeholder satisfaction.


Decades of experience in producing Engineer to Order products in a variety of manufacturing processes allow us to draft, consolidate and deliver solutions and complex products not usually found on the market, allowing for an extraordinary finished product overall.


As for any vision, core pillars are necessary to drive business with our partners.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Wide capability to match specs, applications and customer demands due to our decades of experience in the ETO business, where we specialize in launching customizations tailored for new projects.
  • CUSTOMISATION COMPETENCE: We cover all product development tasks, from material requisition to instrumentations, welding, testing, certification, and logistics (crating, storage, custom clearance, freight).
  • EXPERTISE: We support you with a dedicated team and an evenly spread combination of competences in engineering, documentation, expediting, and project management.
  • PROXIMITY TO END USER DEMANDS: With our well established background in dealing with EPC’s, our CEP business unit leverages long term close proximity to end users for the best comprehension, guidance and satisfaction of customers’ requirements.
  • REFERENCES: For decades, we have fully satisfied our customers’ requirements. They offer the best recommendations for our products and our expert teams.