Driving Innovation: The Dynamic Partnership of Robuschi and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions

In the fast-evolving landscape of transportation solutions, two industry leaders, Robuschi and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions (IRTS), are spearheading innovation and shaping the future of sustainable transport. Let's delve into the story of Robuschi, a trailblazing brand founded in 1941, and its integration into the visionary world of Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions.

Robuschi: A Legacy of Innovation and Growth

Established in 1941, Robuschi has continually surged forward by championing innovation and investing in cutting-edge machining systems and production processes. Today, it proudly stands among the global leaders in manufacturing oil-free compressors at low pressure, lobe blowers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, and centrifugal pumps. In 2020, Robuschi became part of Ingersoll Rand, a key player in air flow control products with a significant global footprint..

Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions: Pioneering Sustainable Transportation

Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions (IRTS) has emerged as a trailblazer, setting new standards for innovation in the era of alternative fuels. Operating at the core of sustainable transportation, IRTS is a hub for innovation, specializing in vehicle-mounted transport solutions and fuel systems. With a keen eye on evolving alongside the industry, IRTS has strategically united key brands under its umbrella to lead the charge in shaping the future of transportation..

Strategic Brands Powering Innovation

IRTS brings together strategic brands that have become synonymous with innovation in the transport sector. Among these, Gardner Denver Transport Solutions, GHH RAND®, EMCO Wheaton, TODO, Hibon, and Robuschi stand out for their market legacy and reputation. These brands continue to operate in their respective markets, preserving their individual names and reputations. However, IRTS strategically positions itself across these brands, fostering innovation, providing capital, and unlocking global opportunities on a large scale, all while adhering to a sustainable market approach..

Robuschi and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions: A Synergistic Approach

Robuschi, with its expertise in producing top-tier compressors, lobe blowers, and vacuum pumps, plays a pivotal role in the Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions portfolio. Notably, the Ingersoll Rand transport team now also offers the RB DV, the transport product for Robuschi. This collaboration ensures that customers benefit from the combined strengths of Robuschi's technology and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions' market leadership, creating a seamless and innovative experience in the world of transport solutions..

In conclusion, the dynamic partnership between Robuschi and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions signifies a commitment to driving innovation, meeting evolving market demands, and contributing to the sustainable future of transportation. Together, they are not only embracing challenges but turning them into opportunities that will redefine the landscape of the transport industry.