Range of Filters

Our Range Of Genuine Robuschi Screw And Lobe Blower Filters


Designed and manufactured specifically for Robuschi, made with the highest quality materials, guaranteeing maximum air flow and the highest levels of filtration. Genuine OEM parts maximise performance and protection for your machine!


All Robuschi OEM spare parts are developed with care and selected to maximize product performance, providing protection for your investment.Robuschi genuine spare parts are manufactured with the same quality material as their blowers and pumps.

The genuine spare parts have been carefully designed and selected to protect the life of your equipment and save you energy.

Robuschi Air filter cartridge for Screw Blower For Robox WS-RB3280250112

Air Filter Cartridge for Screw Blower

Genuine OEM WS air filter cartridge element, designed and manufactured specifically for Robuschi. End caps will not rust or corrode and the use of a high quality ‘face’ seal guarantees a complete sealing once the element is installed correctly.

Oil Filter for Screw Blower

This OEM spin-on oil filter is used exclusively on Robuschi Robox Screw WS package with forced lubrication. Manufactured only for Robuschi by one of European leading filter manufacturers and designed according to our specific requirements. The filter is a high flow unit, employing cellulose internal filter elements, a relief valve to allow by-pass in the event of blockage or over pressure, to assure further protection in your machine. Geniune OEM parts maximise performance and protection.

Robuschi Oil Filter for Screw Blower
Robuschi SPF Air Filter Element for Lobe Blower For Robox ES Frame 2-RB3155281015

Air Filter Element for Lobe Blower

Genuine OEM SPF air filter panel type element, designed and manufactured specifically for Robuschi. Each filter is precisely sized for its intended application and ‘velcro’ type closure is incorporated into the filter guaranteeing a complete ‘seal’ once the element is in installed correctly.



12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or material failure. Replacement cycle under normal operating conditions 8000 hrs. or 12 Months.


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