ROBOX evolution DV lowers energy consumption

The ROBOX evolution 105 DV suction units, selected for centralised vacuum provision for envelope manufacturing, have led to a 15% reduction in overall annual costs for the Tolmezzo (Udine) plant.

Pigna Envelopes is part of the Pigna Group company that is active in the manufacturing of  business envelopes and pouches for mechanical or conventional insertion.

Robox Compressors in the Factory


"We pay the utmost attention to format, weight range, type of seal and personalisation with customers' graphics”, stresses Mr. Alberto Zattoni, Chairman of Pigna Envelopes. 

The paper market has been shrinking year on year for some time now and the company, therefore, is well aware of the fact that this negative trend is likely to become more marked in the future, as is the use of new technology, which will play an increasingly greater role within the company. Foresight over issues such as product diversification, technological innovation and a focus on cost management will increasingly become the secret of Pigna Envelopes' success.


Energy savings and smaller footprint


At the Tolmezzo site, two ROBOX evolution 105 DV suction units, fitted with an RB-DV air injection vacuum blower with a capacity of 2,400 m²/h and absorbed power of 57,4 kW were fitted for the provision of centralised vacuum for envelope manufacturing.

The company chose two machines installed in series and connected to the pre-existing plant by a DN250 hose for the production of suction air, because it needs to guarantee a suction vacuum of -0.6 bar for each line (there are 16 main lines and 4 auxiliary ones). Production facilities consist of open-mouth machines and, therefore, the quantity of air needed varies on a constant basis, depending on plant shut-downs. For this reason, the two Robuschi exhausters are fitted with an inverter, so as to be able to manage machine speed based on real-time demand. Filters that guarantee machine operation are fitted on all production lines and upstream of the ROBOX units.



The idea of installing Robuschi suction units stems from the need of replacing the old liquid ring system (four pumps installed outside the manufacturing site) with a dry system that was able to deliver the same vacuum performance coupled with a lower maintenance cost profile and markedly lower energy consumption. Without a doubt, the rotary extractor - with prior filtration - supports air suction without causing damage to the machine, which, in turn, leads to system simplification, given that no water treatment or chilling systems are needed, resulting in a relevant maintenance cost reduction and enhanced machine reliability.

The low-pulse, three-lobe rotary blower units selected allow the company to benefit from the complete features of the ROBOX package: reduced footprint, ease of installation, low-sound emissions, simplicity and reduced maintenance. During the selection process for the machine, great consideration was paid to its impact on electricity costs: the factor that determined the choice was a reduction in overall energy costs for the site of approx. 8%.



Clearly, the general crisis situation has led companies, and, therefore, also Pigna Envelopes, to focus their efforts and resources on reducing organisation and manufacturing waste, making energy reduction and resource optimisation key business targets.