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The Robox Turbo Blower Unit


Robox Turbo blower unit up to 1,500 mbar(g) and 26,500 m³/h. 

Energy consumption has been a priority for a long time, but now more than ever, our customers are looking for on-going reductions in energy costs.
In wastewater treatment plants for example, energy can account for as much as 75% of the overall operation costs of the facility. Aeration systems are the largest energy user (more than 60% of the total electricity cost). State-of-the art aeration equipment can make the difference, not only to reduce your carbon footprint, but substantially lower lifecycle costs.
Introducing the Robox Turbo range of blowers that can ease energy savings concerns for customers who are conscious of their environmental and financial impacts (total cost of ownership).
Our Robox Turbo range of blowers offer a unique design using long lasting air foil bearings. This allows for a best in class footprint, low noise, plug & play compatibility, low cost and easy maintenance throughout the range.
When choosing the right technology to help you save energy and reduce your environmental impact, trust our Robuschi Experts to offer you the best solution.