Turbo Blowers for Wastewater Treatment

Maximum Uptime and Increased Performance


At Robuschi, we have been providing products and services for the low pressure compressed air market for decades. We have supplied generations of customers worldwide with our innovative blower solutions.

Our latest innovation comes in the form of a blower boosted by turbo technology. Now, you have access to a full spectrum of low pressure technologies, including lobe, screw and now turbo blowers.

The Robuschi Robox Turbo is a dynamic machine equipped with a centrifugal high speed turbo blower. This represents an important change for wastewater treatment plants that are determined to advance their technologies through innovative blower designs.


Energy Efficiency is Key in Wastewater Treatment Industry

The role of aeration blowers in wastewater treatment facilities is fundamental. In a typical wastewater treatment plant, the process of air production represents over half of the total energy used. This accounts for up to 75% of the total life-cycle cost of a blower. The remaining costs come from capital investment, maintenance activities and spare parts.
Introducing the efficiency of turbo blowers can improve efficiency and tackle energy concerns in wastewater treatment plant, and at the same time decreasing their environmental and financial impacts (total cost of ownership).
When choosing the right technology to help you save costs and reduce your environmental impact, trust Robuschi’s experts to offer you the best solution.


Choose the Robox Turbo Blower for Wastewater Treatment

The Robox Turbo blower offers several advantages to reduce the total cost of ownership in wastewater treatment plant applications by providing:

• High nominal blower efficiency to maximize energy savings up to 40%.
• A wide turndown to properly match the air demand of the process. This is supported by the combination of centrifugal technology and positive displacement compression offered by rotary lobe and screw blowers. Both technologies are a part of the Robuschi product portfolio.
• A very compact footprint so the size of your compressor room can be minimized.
• The simplicity and reliability of air foil bearings that eliminate the need for oil lubrication. This increases the safety of the operation and guarantees contaminant free air quality.
• A plug & play inverter incorporated in the package. This leads to ease of installation - especially cost effective during commissioning phases.
• The high speed permanent magnet motor directly coupled to the impeller needs no transmission. This decreases maintenance costs (no gearbox and belts) and potential downtime. 
• Low vibrations and noise levels due to dynamic compression and direct coupling.