Food and Beverage

Robuschi offers a wide product portfolio with rotary lobe blowers, screw compressors, vacuum and centrifugal pumps for different food and beverage processes: dairy, food packaging, evacuation, food preservation, evisceration, pneumatic conveying, concentration systems, degassing, evaporation, drying, removal of impurities, milking systems, fermentation and process fluids handling.

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Concentration systems

Concentration systems are used to concentrate a food product (for instance tomato sauce), which is normally diluited into a solution. 
Vacuum pumps are normally used to generate vacuum for lowering the product boiling point of this thermal process, saving energy and preserving food quality.


Dairy processing

On cheese production process, LRVP provides vacuum to lower the boiling point in thermal treatment steps of production process. On yoghurt filling machines the vacuum pump positions the lids on pre-filled containers. Suction cups on the machine grip the lids, separate them and move them into the correct position.



In mineral water production systems, vacuum pumps can be used to remove carbon dioxide from the water.



Drying process of humid and wet food items can be achieved with vacuum systems. The wet product (for instance yeast) is spread on a drum filter, the interior part of drum filter is connected to a vacuum pump and thanks to negative pressure the product is dried.



Air and water vapours are evacuated using vacuum pumps. Because of higher requirements for quality of food with regard to flavour, colour, homogeneity and durability, meat processing uses more and more vacuum, too, e.g. in filling machines, tumblers and cutters.



This process uses thermo-compression to extract water as clean condensate from polluted fluids released by food processing (for instance candy production). Result is that heavy residuals are concentrated to allow further treatment or waste disposal while producing a considerable amount of recyclable water. The distillation is processed inside an evaporator where a rotary lobe blower is used to pressurise the vapor, in order to produce clean water condensate. Since this vapour is generally acidic and chemically aggressive, the blower must be encased in stainless steel and use special seals.



Before any further processing can take place, fish and molluscs must be gutted and cleaned. Worktables are outfitted with suitable vacuum nozzles that extract the entrails from the fish. A central vacuum system then pipes the combination of liquid and coarse particles through a filter where they are separated for proper disposal. The same is possible in the poultry sector.



Pressurised air provided by Rotary Lobe blowers or screw compressors is used to mix food items (for example yeast) in fermentation vessels in order to facilitate product fermentation and drying.


Filling and closing machines

When bottling beverages, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, the bottle is first evacuated before being filled to make sure the product reaches the customer in good quality.


Food packaging

Air and the oxygen that it contains have harmful effects on the quality and durability of fresh food. For this reason many processes need evacuation. The classic vacuum application in this field is vacuum packaging. Before sealing, a vacuum pump evacuates the air out of the packet. Vacuum pumps are used in numerous packaging machines for industrial use, e.g. chamber machines, forming machines, carousel machines and tray sealing machines.


Food preservation

Fruits, vegetables and their subsequent products, such as mash and purée, are preserved through cooking. To obtain a high product quality and energy efficiency, the preservation process is carried out under vacuum.


Milking systems

Milking systems need vacuum for sucking milk from animals and to convey the milk to a main point of storage.


Pneumatic conveying

Negative and positive pressure pneumatic conveying systems are typically used to convey food ingredients (sugar, flour, powders) from one point to the next.


Process fluids handling

Food ingredients such as sugared water solutions, salted water solutions, vegetal oils are often handled in the production process by means of centrifugal pumps.


Removal of impurities

Pulp products such as tomato or fruit pulps needs to be cleaned from impurities. Selecting equipments used to intercept and remove impurities from food pulp are coupled with vacuum pumps or vacuum blowers in order to provide the vacuum required for sucking impurities.