Robuschi Adds More Power to its Robox Turbo Blower Range

Turbo blower

Robuschi has expanded its proven Robox Turbo blower range to include an increased-performance blower variant capable of providing up to 1,500 mbar(g) and reaching a maximum flow of up to 11,500 m3/h. The newly launched model is designed for applications requiring higher-pressure output, including industrial wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, and fermentation in food & beverage manufacturing processes. 

Like our previous Robox Turbo blowers, this new, more powerful variant is defined by the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.  

Robuschi has put every effort into maximizing the ease of use and maintenance of its Robox Turbo blowers, which stand out with their compact design, electric power cabinet, and integrated variable frequency drive that together allow for easy installation and integration into existing systems.  

Thanks to their completely oil-free operation that prevents any contamination issues, the Robox Turbo blowers meet even the most rigorous environmental standards.