Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, 900 Series


The 900 Series multistage centrifugal blowers deliver optimum performance and efficiency. Available in different models, the inlet size range from 150 to 500 mm and have been designed to meet the widespread needs of the air and gas compression processing industry.


Multistage centrifugal blower Robuschi

Robuschi 940 Frame

Robuschi 940 frameInlet Flow: 5,232-26,193 m3/h
Discharge Pressure: 1.8 bar
Vacuum Range: 400 mmHg

Robuschi 950 Frame

Robuschi 950 frameInlet Flow: 6,598-45,365 m3/h
Discharge Pressure: 1.6 bar
Vacuum Range: 380 mmHg

Robuschi 960 Frame

Robuschi 960 frameInlet Flow: 12,545-70,238 m3/h
Discharge Pressure: 1.7
Vacuum Range: 425 mmHg