Multistage Centrifugal Blower Package

Robuschi provides trusted packaged solutions across a wide range of applications for tough industrial challenges while delivering quality, reliability, value and performance.


Packaged Solutions - Blower Models Offered:

Robuschi 310
Robuschi 42
Robuschi 550
Robuschi 732
Robuschi 850
Robuschi 741
Robuschi 1260
Robuschi 751

Choose the optimal Robuschi Multistage Centrifugal Blower Package for your process based on the number of stages, drive position, seal type, and lubrication required.


Standard Plus Packages

Robuschi can offer additional options to customize standard packages for unique situations.


Other Options Available

• Backed Phenolic Coating – Plasite®
• Red Oxide Paint on Cast Iron Internals
• Standard High Temperature Paint
• Non-Oxygen Cleaning
• Models Outlet Driven
• Export Crating
• External Drain Tubing with Ball Valve
• Standard External Oilers
• Custom Motor
• Mount Customer Supplied Motor
• High Temperature Oil
• Additional Unwitnessed Testing Including: ASME PTC-10 Performance, Sound Level, Hydrostatic, Sequential or Residual Balance, Seal Leak, Vibration Signature


Robuschi 900 frame